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"I cried tears of joy"

-I was shocked. I cried tears of joy.

A few weeks ago she was a regular 17-year old. Now she’s number three on Svensktoppen!
Agneta Fältskog from Jönköping is on her way to have an incomparable career.

Her first recording “Jag var så kär” was a knock out right away. From nowhere to the third spot on Svensktoppen!
It has never happened before, show business experts state. And the best thing: Agneta has written both the music and lyrics herself.

Agneta has in the past few weeks made her recording debut, appeared on TV and now this…
Only Anita Lindblom and Anna-Lena Lövgen are ahead of her.

Agneta has recorded yet another song “Utan dig”. It will be released within the next few days.

-And it is much better, Agneta assures.

Eventually a new record with two American songs will be released. The Agneta who now is number three on Svensktoppen
doesn’t have much in common with the seven year old girl who made her debut at the fishing club’s meeting and dropped her pants…

Agneta celebrated the position at home on Tegelbruksgatan in Jönköping. Flowers and telegrams kept pouring in and the phone rang a lot.
People called from all of Sweden, Denmark and Germany. And everybody wanted Agneta to come and sing.
All of them received a “sorry” for a reply. Agneta is busy up until September as a vocalist in the Huskvarna-orchestra Enghardts.

The professional life is tempting. But wise and sensible as she is, she prefers to wait and see how things go.

-But it’s beginning to get difficult, Agneta states. The office during the day and singing in the evenings.
It would be fun if I had more time to write songs of my own.

Agneta Fältskog doesn’t only write her own songs. She writes for other artists as well.

It was after Agneta had mailed a demo to the record company Cupol that things started happening.
Up in Stockholm they heard that there was something special about Agneta. Then they have invested a lot in her.
For example, it’s very rare that a debutant gets to record two records at the same time.
Usually you start with one and then wait to see how it goes…
To this accompaniment of top class: The Royal court orchestra with Åke Jelving.