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Engagement? No, why? Things work fine anyway. Björn Ulvaeus, 24, says and hugs Agnetha Fältskog, 19.

There’s no hesitation that this is the pop romance of the year – on the highest Svensktoppen level.
The couple is right now touring throughout the country with the show “Top 69”.
Between the performances they furnish their new three-room apartment on Lilla Essingen in Stockholm.

The couple Fältskog – Ulvaeus who we met at Agnetha’s parents’ in Jönköping – has a lot scheduled ahead.

-In the spring we’re going to the US. Both to get new ideas and relax, Björn reveals.

Is this our new song duo, Agnetha and Björn?

-No, Björn says. You should be careful with working together too much.

Agnetha nods and agrees.

For Agnetha Svensktoppen is a dream, of course.

-My last song was rejected in the tryout
, she says.

Now Agnetha tries again with a melody she has written together with her former fiancé,
the German Dieter Zimmerman. The lyric writer Fältskog has named it “Som en vind kom du till mig”.

-But I believe more in the other melody, ”Zigenarvän”.

Agnetha Fältskog has composed it herself. Just like her breakthrough song a couple of years ago, ”Jag var så kär”.

Björn – who more and more has established himself as a solo artist – is walking around these days humming on suitable movie melodies.

Together with Benny Andersson he’ll be responsible for the music of a Swedish-American production.

-It was meant that he should have been in the movie as well, Agnetha says.
But I don't think that the role would fit him.

Björn is very secretive about the film, but says it’s modern, i.e. it’s a lot about sex.

-But it’s serious, Björn emphasizes. And that is also modern…

The collaboration with Benny then continues after New Year’s at Valand in Gothenburg.