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Agnetha, are you making an indecent proposal?

By Sigfrid Ennart

SE : Sigfrid Ennart
AF : Agnetha Fältskog


Agnetha is very interesting. Not just because of the headlines about barbed wire, phobias, bus crashes and pregnancy rumors.

There’s something special about her. The charisma. The key to world fame.

She smiles and says: You’re a Pisces!

And she has captured me. Even though I don’t believe in that astrology rubbish.

SE : What do you do during the days? The policeman (her fiancé at the time) goes to work. Linda goes to school. Christian goes to kindergarten. What do you do then? Do you clean your children’s rooms? Do you wash the dishes after breakfast?

AF : I both clean and wash dishes. I always have some kind of work, but currently I’m pretty much a housewife. The whole family recently went on a skiing vacation to Sälen. This summer I’m going to learn horse riding. I work out twice a week. I often go for walks with my dog and I also read.

SE : Is it difficult for a young millionaire to make time pass by?

AF : Quite the opposite! I have children who have to be dropped off, picked up and driven to the stable. They’re growing up. I want to do many things together with them.

SE : Do you believe in the great, lifelong love?

AF : How private will this get?

SE : You can slap me if you want to.

AF : It’s so incredibly difficult to talk about love. I have so many opinions that I could write a book, so I keep it to myself.

SE : Hmmm.

AF : Now you’re probably wondering how you’re going to make me open up. It probably isn’t that easy.

SE : Why do you believe in astrology?

AF : How do you know that? I don’t live my life according to astrology. But it’s fun to read what the various signs stand for. What sign are you?

SE : You should be able to tell since you believe in astrology.

AF : I don’t know you well enough. You’re not an Aries. Which I am. All I can do is to guess. Are you a Pisces?

SE : Oh my God! How did you know?

AF : You see. I know that Pisces has certain characteristics and I can sense that. You enjoy interviewing others but you think it would be very uncomfortable to be interviewed by me.

SE : Yes.

AF : There you go. I sensed that.

SE : I am still surprised that so many wise and reasonable women fall for rubbish like that.

AF : It’s interesting. You can’t dismiss something until you have examined it.

SE : You have gotten an armored bunker with German Shepherds, barbed wire and surveillance cameras.

AF : I have bought a house which is very well guarded. I’m grateful.

SE : I thought you would say: Well, it’s not that guarded.

AF : But it is guarded.

SE : Why are you afraid of the surroundings?

AF : Many people feel they have to lock themselves in. It’s sad that we live in a world where people are afraid. It’s tragic. I live very openly on Lidingö. I want to live normally. But in the summer 15-20 fans from other countries show up every day. I’m glad that people like me and want to meet me. But there’s a line. At my new summerhouse, no one can trespass.

SE : What an absurd life you live! And you can’t ride the subway either.

AF : That’s something different. My phobia of public places. Maybe I still would have suffered from them even if I wasn’t famous.

SE : You always have bodyguards like Hasse Blomgren around you.

AF : It’s fun that people like me, but when they get too close, I panic. I’ll never forget when we were in Australia during the ABBA-wave. We couldn’t go outside the hotel. Crowds of people pushed towards us and grabbed me. Hasse Blomgren is there to keep them at a distance. But in private I live a regular life just like anybody else.

SE : But still you’re drawn to fame like a fly is drawn to the light.

AF : I don’t know if I strive for being a world famous star. I’m an international artist. If I were to record albums in Swedish it would be a pity because everyone wouldn’t understand it.

SE : Some artists work very hard to get to where you are.

AF : Unfortunately it’s unfair that many very talented artists never make it. It’s like that in many occupations.

SE : You and Frida have said that the greatest experience after ten years with ABBA was that you learned how to compromise. But Björn and Benny say that the greatest advantage was that they never had to compromise.

AF : Maybe it’s us girls who have had to compromise.

SE : Did the guys walk all over you girls?

AF : No! They have written all the songs. We perform and interpret the songs in our own way.

SE : Are you so involved with technology that you’re afraid of getting up on a stage and sound natural?

AF : Yes. There’s no possibility to create the same sound on stage as in a studio. It has also become so incredibly difficult for me to perform in public. I simply get terrified.

SE : I noticed that at Aftonbladet’s Rockbjörnen gala. You were very nervous.

AF : When I was young I had such demands on myself. Now everyone expects me to get better and better and to be very smart. The expectations and demands on me have become too huge. But once I’m on stage it feels ok.

SE : What movie offers have you received?

AF : I haven’t accepted any offers other than Gunnar Hellström’s. He has written a good manuscript for Raskenstam II. Gunnar firmly believes in it. Movies is a new area that I want to conquer. A new challenge.

SE : You get a lot of offers just because of who you are.

AF : I know. But I can decline an offer just because of that.

SE : Lasse Anrell wrote in Aftonbladet that every line on your latest record felt like an indecent proposal.

AF : Reviews like that are fun.

SE : Do you want it to sound like an indecent proposal?

AF : Yes (laughter). Music should be tempting and delightful.

SE : How did you get the ruffled hair-look? You look like you just have gotten out of bed after a long night of making love.

AF : The appearance should be in accordance with the music. I tried to come up with a new look. My hairdo looked great. I get tired of my looks all the time and want to change it. But the older you get, the harder it is.

SE : Your mom and dad live in a Riksbyggen’s cooperative apartment in Jönköping and your mom works as a cashier at Konsum. Why haven’t you given them three million kronor?

AF : They’re not interested in that. They want to live their lives the way they are.

SE : You’re known for being incredibly beautiful.

AF : No! That can’t be right. I can’t be famous for being beautiful.

SE : Yes, Agnetha Fältskog is a symbol of beauty.

AF : I’m proud of my voice. I can’t be the judge of anything else. Next question!

SE : The world media has written that you have the world’s sexiest behind. Were you flattered?

AF : If someone writes that I’m beautiful, look cool or think I have a great behind or beautiful legs, I only feel embarrassed.

SE : In the beginning of ABBA’s career, you and Frida spent time together. But then two different personalities emerged. Frida, the tough businesswoman and you, the…

AF : ...Awkward one (laughter).

SE : No, but soft, sensitive.

AF : I’m tough skinned. I can suppress things that are unpleasant in my line of work. But I’m not tough skinned towards people, children and animals.

SE : What kind of birthday gift did you ask for?

AF : I’m happy if someone remembers my birthday. It sounds modest, but that’s the way it is.

SE : Is there anything that you don’t have?

AF : I have quite a lot actually. Most of all good health. You can never buy yourself health. You can buy house, boat, car, skiing equipment, stereo etc.. Then there isn’t much more.

SE : Isn’t it difficult for Torbjörn to get used to the fact that in two seconds you can decide if you want to buy a car?

AF : You have to ask him about that. I don’t buy goose-liver, salmon and champagne each day, even though I can. But if I lived a life in luxury, I wouldn’t make any excuses.