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Extract from Abba Magazine issue 37

CB    Hello Agnetha, How are you ?

AF    I am fine, thank you. I have been ill with flu but now I'm better

CB    I am sorry to hear that, how are the children ?

AF    They are fine too, Christian is on holiday at the moment and today I have been running around with him.
         Later on I am going to see some shots of the the Dick Cavett show.
         We worked on it for three days last week and I think we are going to see details of the interview this afternoon.
         I am fairly sure it came out well, though.

CB    Where did you get the clothes you wore for that interview ?

AF    Half of them we bought in Paris. They aren't stage clothes, they are quite casual styles. The leather trousers that I wore were made in Sweden.

CB    In one of the stills we have, Dick is lifting his trouser leg ; why is this ?

AF    He forgot to bring some smart shoes, so he borrowed Björn's. Suddenly in the interview Björn told the audience. It was a surprise for Dick,
         but he was very cool and just showed off the shoes. I don't know if we will see this in the actual programme
         because we did a very long interview and I don't know how much they will take out and use

CB    How long is the show and what is the format ?

AF    I think it will be around 55 minutes of old things cut together with new things, like a live concert in the studio and the interview
         - and it will just be about our being together for ten years.

CB    What does it feel like ?

AF   (Interrupting) Being old !

CB    I wasn't going to say that. I was going to say what is it like having known your colleagues for over ten years ?

AF    It feels good. Right at the moment it feels very good. We have grown together and we know each other so well.
         Even if things have changed, it feels good anyway.

CB    What are you looking forward to ?

AF    I am looking forward to our next album. We have done three new songs and I think they are very strong ones....
        Oh and I am looking forward to the summer. To be free and have some sun.

CB    Are you going anywhere ?

AF    I stay in Sweden, along the Stockholm archipelago. I am going to live in my summer house hopefully during June, July and August.
        Maybe we will start working again in August.

CB    Are you going abroad at all ?

AF    Not in the summer ; I am planning a journey in the autumn with my sister, bit I don't yet know where we are going to go.

CB    What is happening with your own solo career ?

AF    Not much at the moment. One day I might do an album just with Frida. We have discussed it but that is all.

CB    How are you planning to develop your own talents ?

AF    I am not sure I can develop any more. Of course the voice grows together with me, so you may hear a change from year to year.
        I think I will probably try another side of this work, maybe produce someone or something or maybe to get into the movie business.

CB    (Expressing surprise) Really !

AF    Yes ... I can act. There has never really been enough time for me to do it. I'll wait and see if something good comes up.

CB    But aren't you developing your own playing and writing abilities ?

AF    I compose all the time, but not very much. I mean I often sit at the piano and come up with some good ideas,
        but I don't have the right ambition to work on that enough. The songs tend to be very similar.

CB    Have you any new pasttimes ? I am thinking of the picture of you holding shears in the '79 tour prog.

AF    No I haven't tried anything new and the pose was just for the picture.Gardening is too much to do yourslef if you are a girl I think.

CB    Can you be found doing jazz-ballet exercise like Frida ?

AF    I used to do but I stopped because I have weak knees. It is a pity because it has stopped me from jogging too much as well.
        I still jog a bit, and also do some gymnastic exercises for myself.

CB    What do you mean when you say that the studio is now your second home ?

AF    Well, it was a bit hard to feel at ease in the beginning when we had just started working in our new studio and we had been used to another one.
        But now that I'm there so often it has become like a second home and it's very comfortable.

CB    You spend so much time at home and in the studio, how often do you go out ?

AF    I must say very seldom. Of course there are some good restaurants and I go out and have a good dinner maybe twice or three times a month.

CB    Do you do your own cooking ?

AF    No, not much. We have a girl who cokks for us and looks after our home.

CB    What's your favourite food ?

AF    Oh, I like verything.

CB    What kind of music have you been listening to, recently ?

AF    The Pointer Sisters, I like them very much, they sound very good. I also listen to Stevie Wonder, Art Garfunkel and Barbara Streisand.

CB    After Benny and Björn went to New York at the beginning of the year we thought they might present us with a musical/concept album. Is there any more news on that ?

AF    I think they have tried to write a musical, but they think it's too difficult and they haven't come up with enough good ideas.
        They have so much to do writing songs for the next album that I begin to think that there will never be a musical, but we'll see.

CB    Have you anything to say to the UK fans and readers of the magazine ?

AF    Well, who knows. I might come over soon because it has been such a long time since I was last in London.
         I hope we will see each other soon and that they have a good spring and a nice summer.

CB    Well we all hope that you enjoy your summer holidays too.Many thanks and hope to see you again soon.