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Business and pleasure
Keeping you up
Hunting for treasure
You can't dig enough
You're growing but losing
Staying up late
All the nightclubs are closing
But you've got a date

So you've hit the right spot
But you've still got the itch
Business and pleasure
You can't mix you can't switch
( You got bought, it's a bitch )
Just a case of a face and a place - no disgrace
It's just a rhythm a syndrome
It's a feeling you crave
Click track

Move at your leisure
Make tracks leave no signs
Like a fire in the desert
With winds from behind
You're getting hot and live wired
Using down time
All for business and pleasure
Time after time

Pupil to pupil
Scanning the screen
You read it all over
And steal the scenes
You're rougher than Crusoe
Bedded in leaves